In March 1996 the first time in the USA, the band was meet with warm reception and success during the 22nd Jazz Reunion Fest in New Orleans.

Almost 37 years after the foundation of the band the first CD was recorded and released in 1999.

During the year of the 40th anniversary a second very successful trip to New Orleans was made, also there was the participation at the “18th Dixieland Festival & Jazz Band Ball” in Berlin.
Concerts at the Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg, Danmark, together with Jaques Gauthe, a clarinet and soprano-saxophone player from New Orleans and former student of Sidney Bechet, the participation at the XV. Salon Traditional Jazz in Prague as well as at the International Competitions of Jazz New-Orleans in Saint-Raphaël, France, in 2003 have been highlights in the life of the band.

In 2004 the second CD named "Dixieland doin's" was released, also there have been again concerts in the Netherlands and Danmark. 2005 the band was participant at the 35th International Dixielandfestival in Dresden and it also was a second time in Saint-Raphaël, France, for the International Competitions of Jazz New-Orleans.

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