Heike Besen (born 1962)
The special rhythmic combination of sousaphone and hi-hat within our band has no longer been presented in the traditional tailcoat since 1984. The first and only lady since foundation of the band is able to communicate the infectious music to the audience with stomping legs and swinging feather boa.
Christian Wegner (born 1971)
As a pharmacist every time with the right medicine for all possible and impossible little complaints Christian holds together body and mind of the band members, as a banjo player he holds together the rhythm within the music. 1992 he joined the band and therefore he's already an old hand in New Orleans Jazz.
Johannes Schlecht (born 1948)
Piano player, composer, arranger, choir leader is repeat offender in the matter of New Orleans Jazz. From 1968 to 1972, during his studies of theology and music in Jena and Weimar, he played in the band already. Since 2016 he's on the piano, a few years older but with unbowed enthusiasm and delight in playing.
Thomas Kniese (born 1969)
The teacher for mathematics and physics fills children with enthusiasm for numbers and formulas on a scientific basis. Sounds however are produced by his emotional ease of heart. The expectations nevertheless are extended by the band for his ability to tell stories, which make every journey to a pleasure.
Tilman Krause (born 1965)
Since 1987 the band has been jazzin' best with him. The audience not only gets heavenly sound in Kid Orys style by our theologian. The Jazz congregation starts dancing, as soon as he raises his voice for singing.
Gunnar Besen (born 1962)
In 1983 the founder of the band, Gunter Mlynski, got him into the band as the first of today's cast. Already as a boy he tried to learn all about Louis Armstrongs music and other well known Jazz musicians. Gunnar got the leadership to hand and heart in 1987.